1948 - 1961   school and general qualification for university entrance in Rotenburg/Wuemme (Northern Germany)
1961 - 1968 physics study in Goettingen und Munich (LMU)
1968 diploma thesis "Der Einfluß der Blendquellengröße auf die Detailwahrnehmung"  (the influence of the size of a glare source on the perception) in the Institute for Medical Optics (Prof. Dr. E. Hartmann/Prof. Dr. H. Schober)
1969 -1974 graduation (Dr. rer. nat.); dissertation "Streulicht im Auge" (straylight in the eye) in the Institute for Medical Optics (Prof. Dr. E. Hartmann/Prof. Dr. H. Schober)
1970 marriage
1972/1973 birth of the sons
1970 - 1974 study of pedagogy and psychology at the university of Munich LMU (M.A.= Magister Artium)
thesis "Zur Verwendung von Antwort-Auswahl-Aufgaben im Hochschulbereich" (The use of multiple-choice-items in university examinations)
1974 - scientific assistent in the physics department of the Technical University Munich (Prof. Dr. D. Menzel); investigations and publications in physics experiments for physics laboratories (see publications)
1978 - 1984 official expert for physics in the central German institute for medical and pharmaceutical examinations (IMPP)
1976 - 2000 head of the department for physics laboratories for students of medicine, biology and teachers
1985 - engagement and publications with low-cost-experiments, especially physics toys (see publications)
1993 - editor of the column 'Die Spielwiese' (The Playground) in the popular physics journal 'Physik in unserer Zeit' (physics in our time)
1995 - 2002 member of the committee (treasurer) of GIREP (Groupe Internationale de Recherches sur l'Enseignement de la Physique)
2001 Award for good teaching (Preis für gute Lehre) of the Bavarian ministry for science
2001 - 2007 head of the department for laboratories for physics students of the faculty of physics of the Technical University Munich
1.11.2003 - 31.1.2006 Representative of the president of the TUM for the promotion of teaching / ProLehre
28.2.2007 retired
2007 - 2011 member of the Physics Education Division (PED) of the European Physical Society (EPS)